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Our office are located rue François Michoel 222c à Sart-Lez-Spa.

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Brainmade Solutions is a company specialising in the digitisation of information and in the optimisation of the processes it deals with.
We specialise in the development of web and mobile applications.
We develop and sell online business management tools.

Our business management products

For several years, we have been developing three pieces of online software intended to simplify business management.  This software is intuitive and ergonomic. These two qualities make the tools easy to use. From the creation of online quotes to the analysis of your activity, not forgetting the invoicing or encoding of services, these tools will save you precious time.

Brainmade Solutions : products Hiflow - Timetrack - Billder
Billder Create estimates and invoices with ease. Découvrir Billder
Timetrack Simplify the encoding and billing of your services. Découvrir Timetrack
Hiflow The most complete solution that adapts to all types of activities. Découvrir Hiflow
Our technologies

We can take action in many fields but here are the technologies in which we are really comfortable.

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